230ACX Neuem batterie, lden mit 0A

  • I had left my 230acx uncharged for the last season, so I presumed the batteries died.

    When I took it out, I left it charging for several hours, then it mowed one cycle. (Didn't time it). Then I bought new batteries.

    But now the mower has been in the base for a couple of hours, and it is still "charging, but with 0.0A.

    The mower is beeping for charging, when I put it in the base.

    I have disconnected and reconnected the mains power.

    The base is blinking twice, but the loop is rather short, 100m or so, (some still on the roll; it's a temporary setup).

    Should the mower be told the batteries have changed?

    I have reset to factory setting, that made no difference, except I lost the Service menu, and I forgot how to enable it again. Something like Menu-House-x-y.

  • Charging requirres perfect electric connection, the LED works even with corroded cable. Check that the charger cable has a perfect fit at the station, as well as at the charger, you need to unplug and inspect the contacts. If they are corroded you can clean them. I needed to cut and solder. For for a quick check, ask a second person to slow juggle the cable plug while you watch for the amp reading, if it increases you've clearly identified the cause.

    Alternative causes for the symptoms you describe is a (partly) broken cable in the mower linking the contacts to the station with the mower board, or a defective board in the station.

    Batteries are unlikely to be fully (!) dead if left uncharged for a season.
    good luck

  • Leifnel!

    a) Can you please say what is your actual problem? Mower does not leave from the station?
    b) Have you already changed the 2 batteries?
    c) The charging current should be around 4 A for about 45 min. after mowing in the auto-mode, mowing time about the 90 min. Please observe next time!
    d) If you observe a blinking diode this tells you that the loop has a too high resistance (>20 ohm); in this case the mower will not leave the station to mow.


    AM 230ACX, v2.80, Jg. 2013. Seit 3/2015, 350m2, auto

    AM 220AC, v2.80, Jg. 2013. Seit 3/2019, 150 m2, auto

  • I have the same issue now.

    I get 30VAC without mover and 24VAC when it is in the station, but does not charge. I measured 24VAC on the cable in the mover.

    Exact same issue with old and new batteries.

    Any ideas?

  • 1) How do you conclude that the mower does not charge? Do you really never see a charging current > 0.0 A?

    2) Please measure and communicate the voltage of the battery with the direct test menu. To get into:

    - press "0" 2-3 sec.

    - to navigate to the next page: press "YES". V is about at the 3rd page.

    - to exit press "return"


    AM 230ACX, v2.80, Jg. 2013. Seit 3/2015, 350m2, auto

    AM 220AC, v2.80, Jg. 2013. Seit 3/2019, 150 m2, auto