Samsung Virtual Guard system

  • Measurements were made of optical signals used in the Virtual Guard version of "virtual walls" used by Samsung, the same on Powerbot and Navibot.
    This system uses a signal from the robot to activate the Guard only when nearby to save the battery in the Guard. Technical details found posted at…&t=20151&p=145468#p145468
    Newer models in the U.S. since 2016 have switched to mag strip boundaries similar to Neato Robotics. The optical Virtual Guards lack focus of the beams and can be confused by reflections off walls, so is not a perfect system. Broad beams can work with random navigation robots like the Roomba on which originally used, but the systematic guided robots need to probe and map the shape of boundaries.

  • Activation Signal Change

    An unusual firmware update over WiFi happened though not shown on the smartphone, which appears to have changed the Virtual Guard activation signal from the Powerbot. The Virtual Guard supplied with the original 9250 model imported from Australia no longer works, apparently not responding to the new signal.
    For signal details see…opic.php?p=145637#p145637
    The update occurred in the U.S. where new models have mag strip boundary marking instead of Virtual Guards. Yet some Virtual Guard models have been sold in Europe.

    The Virtual Guard system was inherited from the older Navibot series and is not very good for guided robots, lacking focussed beams. I do not think they should sell models with that system on Powerbot.
    Simple physical barriers such as right angle wood molding, sticks, and right angle plastic wall corner guards in paint depts. can be used.
    I am investigating modifying a Powerbot to use a DIY mag strip sensor but it will take some time for parts to arrive, including a Neato mag strip to try.

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