WLAN Probleme beim importierten Powerbot

  • Moin zusammen,

    ich habe mir einen Powerbot aus den USA importiert. Es handelt sich dabei um die Darth Vader Limited Star Wars Edition. Das Saugen funktioniert soweit ganz gut, allerdings kann ich den Powerbot nicht mit der Samsung Connect App verbinden.
    Ich habe den Samsung Support kontaktiert, die mir dann mitteilten, dass die Probleme daher rühren, dass das Gerät für den US Markt konzipiert sei. Ok, soweit alles verstanden. Kann man das Problem nicht umgehen, dass es dennoch funktioniert? Evtl. durch austauschen eines Bauteils oder sonst irgendwas? Hat es vielleicht mit der IP des WLAN Moduls zu tun, die hier in Deutschland nicht kompatibel ist oder durch meinen Internetprovider geblockt wird?

    Hat da irgendeiner einen guten Rat für mich?

    Danke und Gruß

  • No component change is relevant. The system software can be involved. Did you put the unit in AP (access point mode) with the remote when registering, follow the instructions completely -- the most common error in connecting?
    There are different model numbers for European and U.S. models, and the app and firmware can be different because of different features. Firmware updates would be different. So the server contacted may look at the model number obtained from the robot and not accept out-of-country models -- unknown.
    Samsung does not support models imported from other countries. It would have to be returned to the U.S. for service. Parts are available from samsungparts.com. The construction is very good though, and is unlikely to need service.
    I imported an Australian model into the U.S., the first WiFi model 9250 a couple years ago, and it registered at the U.S. servers. It cannot be registered at the Samsung website for service. This model, however, was the same in all countries.
    Their server software may not be the best and not be equipped to handle all models globally.
    A peculiar firmware update occurred which disabled the Virtual Guard supplied with these units some years old, but the update was not registered in the version number. A similar event was reported by one user in Italy. The process may have been an internal glitch, not in the server. There is no way to tell.
    There is a European user forum at Samsung's website. Post the issue there for moderators with access to Samsung personnel.
    I do not find any value in the WiFi features of robots anyway.

    The Virtual Guard is poorly designed anyway and I have replaced it with DIY addition of mag strip sensing (robotreviews.com hacking forum).

  • Hi glnc222,

    yes I put the unit in AP mode. After that I choose the [robot vacuum] Samsung WiFi from the Smartphone menu. Next step is to chhose my home WiFi and type in the credentials. So far so good but then the connect app tries to register my unit with my samsung account and fails.
    If I open the information of the samsung vacuum WiFi, I can see the IP of it. It says as IP of the robot vacuum: The router has the IP
    The IP adresses of my home WiFi are as follows: IP router: May be that this is the problem?

    If not, do I have the possibility to update the vacuums firmware?

  • When setting up the smartphone must be in range of the robot, nearby, to connect directly I think. The robot first talks to the smartphone to get the router password, then talks to the router longer range. The failure can also be in Samsung servers on the internet if they are not connecting to othe SmartHome app.

    The IP address is an internet ID, not a device ID, and may be assigned by the router. The router has its own IP, every device assigned a different one. The internet service provider may dynamically assign an IP, depending on options.
    WiFi devices are identified by a hardware MAC address, sometimes used in configuring routers and what not. I am not an expert. A label on the robot and router may supply these.
    They are not always needed as routers look for all WiFi devices.
    The router must have options set as described in the Powerbot manual. Certain advanced security settings in routers are incompatible with the robot. Simple settings are used.
    The router configuration is accessed through the PC connection, with a menu in the router.
    A great many options will be shown in the router manual.

    An expert in Canada here advised that routers can have a memory of all the devices connected. In the router menus you may see tables showing what devices it contacted. There can be a limit on the size of the router memory and how many devices it can recognize, and there is some procedure for clearing this memory.
    I will have to search for my correspondance on this. It was not a problem here.
    It could help to try and connect the robot to a different WiFi system just to verify operation.

    What model router do you have? What options are configured? What do the menus show? Does the robot show up in the router at all? It might be recognized by the router but not by remote servers or the smartphone app.

    There are professional software tools which can capture all the WiFi transmissions in the system and determine what communication occurs between the router and the robot, but I am not familiar.
    Technicians who service routers and equipment, like stores where they are bought, may have such tools. Also used by hackers, spies, etc.

    WiFi is more complicated than it may seem. Enterprise networks especially can have a lot of special security features enabled.

  • Firmware updates are performed by the remote Samsung servers over the internet and WiFi. They are not frequent. The model at hand is new so no updates should be expected. It is unlikely to have any errors in the robot software installed. There have never been any reports of such defects. The version of the software may be shown in the robot info screen of the SmartHome app. Customer service might know whether this is the latest version, but with such a new model it is likely correct.

    I think you must have an account registered at the samsung website, even if the specific robot is not registered for warranty. This account might be requested in the smarthome app setup? I forget how it works, never use it myself.

    You should contact customer service in Europe just to see what they say.

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