Homebot 3.0 Wifi Mod Voice Control Google Home / Assist

  • Hi,

    I hope it's ok to write on this forum in English. My German isn't great.

    I've modded my homebot to connect to my wifi network.

    Is it possible somehow to connect it with my Google Home / Google Assistant so I can control my homebot by voice?

  • Sure it's possible. You just need to use any home controller, which supports both - HTTP-Switches and Google Assistant integration like OpenHab or HomeAssistant.

  • Thanks for your response. I've tried to use IFTT with webhook, using the following URL http:// IP:6260/json.cgi?%7b%22COMMAND%22:%22CLEAN_START%22%7d (deleted my IP)

    Method: GET

    Content type: application/json.

    But this doesn't work. Can you tell what I'm doing wrong?

    I'm not really technical, so I would like to accomplish this in the most easy way.

    To use HomeAssistant I also need some hardware..?

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  • Hi Lisa, i assume your HomeBot's http port is not forwarded to the internet (and i would definetely avoid this, because of security reasons), so IFTT can't reach the device.

    Yep, you will need a PC or a Raspberry Pi running somewhere at home in order to control the HomeBot using a scenario or remote triggers.

    HomeAssistant has a great wiki, but you will need some time to set everything up. But, at the same time you will have a solid, nice looking base for a smart home with every possible kind of automation and device intgration.

    Right now another idea came into my mind - you can also use NodeRed to controll your HomeBot directly with Google Assistant or over a webhook, like your tried with IFTT. You will need to expose a NodeRed HTTP listener to the internet, so IFTT can interact with it.

    The most important thing here - you will need a bit of programming and linux-administrating skills for every solution, or a good google-skill:) Our HomBot's were initially not intended to be controlled over WiFi, so we are just tinkering here.