Ambrogio L75 firmware error

  • Hello,

    Im new guy here, so this is my first post. Sorry im writing in english. But maybe You guys can help me. I have ambrogio L75 robot, i conected it to Bluetooth and firmware updated, but now it just beeps and shows on screen "program error robot 5085de0". maybe you can help me? thank you very much.

    Sorry for first post.:)

  • Hi,

    I assume you did the upgrade via the Ambrogio Remote App from the mobile phone.

    It looks like a firmware was installed on the robot which is intended for another robot model.

    (PROGRAM ERROR: Software for wrong robot model is installed 1. Check that the proper motherboard for the specific robot model is used, 2. Perform new standard programming of the robot)

    It should be possible to reinstall the firmware again and hopefully this time it will get the correct version. It could as well be a good idea to delete your robot from the garage in the app and add the device again.

    Ensure on starting up the app, that the update of the app itself and its data is successfully finishing before proceeding with the firmware update. It could be a misconfiguration in this data and hopefully Zucchetti corrects this in due time.

    If this is not going to be "autocorrected" in the next 2 days, I would suggest contacting either Ambrogio support or your local dealer. The dealer should be able to install the correct firmware with the Ambrogio Client or with the Ambrogio Service Client (both for PC) and a Serial cable.




    Agro R800Li (~Ambrogio L75, 075DE1, 2013), Fw. 5085EV0, 2018/06/08, r40300, mit Robotan Steuerung Original 8)

    Wiper Joy XE (~Ambrogio L75 V3, 075DE0, 2012), Fw. 5085EV0, 2018/06/08, r40300, im Moment ohne Robotan Steuerung <X

    Ambrogio L75 Deluxe (075DE0, 2013), Fw. 5085DE0, 2018/06/08, r40300, mit Robotan Steuerung Selbstbau :evil:

  • Yes, i used ambrogio remote. Fw is r40300, robot version v4.3.2(its writed on display pcb). Ambrogio remote recognise as l85v4-v5. Tryied to delete from garage, reinstall app,nothing helps.. Maybe someone can help with older fw? I do not find any software for pc. I have serial cable. Thank you