Automower 265 ACX Startup problems

  • Hello, just bought an 265 ACX 2014 model with charging station

    Unit was sold as not working.

    Automower had bad batteries, after repair of batteries and charged, they was put back into the Automower.

    When powerup the Automower (open close lid) the display shows Auto Mower and then nothing just blank screen, and after some minutes turns off.



    I have not put any sim card into the gps.

    Charging station is blinking green

    Is there some way to reset? or any tips where to start looking is highly appreciated.

  • „Charging station is blinking green“ that means your boundary wire is broken somewhere (in case you already installed the wires).

    I don‘t know how to fix the other problem though..

    Is there a chance that you bought the batteries for a Automower 260ACX?

  • Thank you for the tip.

    The station is sitting in my workshop, so I will do some wiring :-)

    I did not buy any new batteries, it turned out that the BMS (battery management system) inside the battery pack was broken due to one defective cell on each battery pack, so by replacing one cell (2x 18650) and one transistor on each battery pack it was up and running again. Battery was charged fully before installed.

  • It still have the same problem with the menu, nothing there unfortunately.

    After I put the wire in the charging station, it stopped blinking and I can put the mower into the charging station,

    but the same thing happens, only auto mower in the display and then dark.

    I have also tried to install sim in the GPS card

    reset the GPS card by removing battery and pressing the switch on the GPS card.

    Not sure but it looks like a lockup problem.

  • They just give me the standard answer "Bring it in, and we can look at it,"

    I now also got an 220AC with motor problems. This unit helped me understand some more.

    I get exactly the same there if I just plug in the battery and the ON/Off switch is in Off position.

    Now I realize that the On/Off switch function is not working.on the 265ACX

    Switch is OK.

    Pin on flat cable needs ground for startup signal. Following the signal on the motherboard shows that this

    pin is connected to the GPS board connector.

    So question is will I be able to turn on the 265ACX if the gps board is removed?

  • I have tried, but no change. I was wondering if an faulty gps card would stop it from booting. (not possible to send sms, stolen unit)

  • Have only connected one battery, flatcable and keyboard with display to the motherboard. No motors or sensors.

    This setup works with the 220AC motherboard. Motherboard boots and ask for pin.

    With the 265ACX Motherboard the On/Off switch is not responding.

    I can power up the motherboard, by grounding pin 1 of the Buck regulator MIC4680 (located in the middle of the motherboard)

    Then I get the power rails 5V and 3.3V up and running. Display turns on, but no booting.

    So the failure is between MIC4680 and the On/Off switch.

    This is a very difficult motherboard to trace as it is 4 layers. So would have been fantastic if someone have some tips.

  • Thank you robertoo, that's just what I'm going to do. :-)

    The connection on the motherboard was broken somewhere from the switch to the MIC4680.

    Solved by soldering in a wire. from the flatcable connector to the MIC4680 on the motherboard.

    So now I'm able to log in with pin code.

    To troubleshoot the motherboard, you don't need gps card only motherboard, one battery and keyboard with screen.