Looking for Robomow RM toolkit

  • Hallo all,

    I have an old City 120 what I would like to pimp a bit with a custom controller: at first basically I would like to reverse engineer the serial communication used by the toolkit/keypad.

    I only have access to toolkits for newer (RC/RS/RX) models.

    If anyone could share a copy of the RM toolkit for this model with me that would be awesome!


    Ich habe einen alten City 120, den ich mit einem benutzerdefinierten Controller ein wenig aufpeppen möchte: Zunächst möchte ich die serielle Kommunikation, die vom Toolkit / der Tastatur verwendet wird, rückentwickeln.

    Ich habe nur Zugriff auf Toolkits für neuere (RC / RS / RX) Modelle.

    Wenn jemand eine Kopie des RM-Toolkits für dieses Modell mit mir teilen könnte, wäre das fantastisch!

  • I have hooked my logic analyzer between the keypad and the robot and here are my findings:

    Pinout of the RJ11:

    Pin4: robot -> terminal

    Pin5: terminal -> robot

    Pin6: GND

    The 24V is going up to the terminal but I do not know the pin number. It could be easily measured anyway.

    Communication levels are 0-5V, 19200 8n1 used. Robot seems to be initiating the communication. All packets seems to have checksum a simple sum al bytes and the negate is used.

    There is quite lot traffic in idle mode as well which makes the reverse engineering a bit difficult.

    I have attached some logs which could be opened with Saleae Logic in the case if anyone interested.

  • Hallo martonmiklos,

    hast du eventuell eine Bezugsquelle für die Software(TC für neuere Modelle)?

    gerne per PM

  • Hallo, Im also looking for the RMtool kit software, mine RC308 just came outside of warranty, and now makeing probles again. help me out with the test software/firmware for new board

    pm me please.

    best regards