Worx model: WG791E.1 . Disk error after removing obstacle

  • Hi Worx nerds

    i'm am new in this forum so lets see if i can describe my problem and maybe get a solution.

    My model: WG791E.1 is just 3 years and 14 days and have behaved perfect until now.

    Ex when problem with ex apples and "disk blocked" the apples have been removed and error annulled with "0" + "START" but to day this behaving have stopped…..

    After removing the apple of the day , pressing "0" and "START" i get 4 beeps and nothing more for 10 sec - then i get "Knivdisk blokeret" …..but the disk is free of debris/apples and anything, and can turn free.

    Please respond if you have the answer to this problem.



  • Hey,

    Press Key “2” to enter the diagnosis interface. then turn the knifedisc with the hand.

    then you should see the turns/minute (i think) in the interface.

    does the value change from 0 to anything other?

  • Hi IN

    Thank for suggestion. Pressed 2 and turned knifedisk several times, the country shows 0000 and Wien terning 90 and a couple of times also 180 .

    I have added foto of 2-status .


  • You see in the diagnostic screen that the sensor give no valid value.

    Maybe there is an broken cable on the motor?

    try turning the motor while adjusting the height, maybe there is a position where it works (for testing)

  • Hi

    When i turned the disk values shifted from 0000 to 90 and once also to 180 .

    I Will try your suggest and report back .


  • hi

    Tried height level from 2 to 5 (could not turn the lever to 6 😕)

    In none of the heights the machine started and in all levvels when turning by hand i Got values 90 and 180 .


  • Ok, “open the mower” , how much, and could you please support me with a link to how maybe rep manual? (Evt youtube video) Also what to look for / bee obs on?


  • Thanks SU

    Thats a 1. Step , then what do I look for? How to Id problems?