RL2000: Vorderradproblem im Betrieb

  • Hallo zusammen,

    meine Vermieterin hat mir einen Robomow RL2000 zur Verfügung gestellt. Die anfängliche Freude verging schnell nach diversen Problem.

    Das neueste Thema: Vorderradproblem.

    Das Problem tritt sporadisch auf. Die eingestellte Höhe des Vorderrads scheint keinen Einfluss zu haben. Habe den Mäher schon resetet und auch mal das Vorderrad aus- und wieder eingebaut.

    An den Sensor-Platinen konnte ich keinen offensichtlichen Schaden erkennen. Habt ihr noch Tipps, was ich versuchen kann oder muss ein neues Vorderrad her?

    Beste Grüße,


  • Dear,

    I have the same problem. I measured the voltages on the pins of the drop-off board at the time when the error was being signaled and although the error was flagged, the board itself was giving 5V out on the pin coming from the optical interrupter. As such I'm wondering whether this could be a cable issue or possibly some problem on the main board itself. Does anyone have any further ideas or info on how this signal is routed on the main board and how I could check where it might be broken?

    The weird thing is that after some minutes, the error just stops on its own. To me that sounds like some capacitor problem, but I don't see any obvious faulty caps, nor do I see any caps near the plug where the cable from the drop-off board is attached to the main board. Any useful input would be very welcome!

    Thanks in advance!