Landroid WG796E vs WG796E.1

  • I have WG796E not the WG796E.1. I tried to install the latest 5.25 and also the 2.82 firmware but it does not recognise/install any of those. The firmware used in it now says version 12.9 01-08-17.

    So basically my question is, whats the difference between the E.1 and E-version? Is the the E-version also using the Db504.PCK-files?

    Anyone having any help to give me here. Worx support seems to think there is no newer firmware than the 12.9 for the WG796E. But in this forum it clearly states there is and it seems to me that both the E and E.1 are the same except for some minor changes to the signalsystem due to E-version beeing banned from swedish market.

  • I don't know the difference but I think you should try different flash drives. The mower only works with a couple of sticks.

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