HUSQVARNA 220 making interference

  • Hi,

    As you can see I`m having big problems with my RS630 when he is suppose to turn after registrating the perimeter wire. The neighbour got a Husqvarna automower, and the distance between the perimeter wires is about 40cm ( the dealer in Norway said that it would be ok with 35 cm ). Is there anyway to avoid this problem without moving the perimeter wire further away from the neighbours? The RS630 works good when I get the neighbour to unplug his powercable to the Husqvarna. The Husqvarna is not affected by my perimeter wire.
    Sometimes it goes on for a couple of minute, some times for an hour and sometimes it crosses the perimeter wire and stops on the neighbours lawn.

    Here is a video of the RS630 :




  • I watched the Video and was asking myself: "Why should I buy a RS630?" :biggrin5: On the Husqvarna side the green looks better, the mower looks better and the mower even works.
    Sorry I have only the commercial solution to change to the neighbours modell.

  • I can`t argue with you on that. The Husqvarna has been mowing the neighbours lawn 2 seasons when the video was made, and the Robomow has just been installed. If I can`t figure out the problem, I will demand to deliver it back to the dealer and get a Husqvarna instead. Strange since the manufactures got an "non-interference agreement".

  • I think your dealer has to offer a solution, if the RS630 could not handle a Husqvarna automower on the neighbours
    lawn. May be he should ask Robomow for assistance.
    Did he know of your neighbours Husqvarna automower ?
    Is the installation done by your dealer ?

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  • Hi there,

    First a detail question: Do you have the same "interference" at the same spot all the time or is the machine showing the same symptoms all over your lawn?

    Frankly, when I saw that Robomow "freaking out" I remembered how much hassle we used to have with Robomow models in the past...a nightmare...

    Anyway, are you sure that you are having an "interference" with the Automower here or is it maybe a damaged perimeter wire? I remember that Robomows always had some issues with that...


  • Hi,
    believe me - I have been sending e-mails and phoned the dealer many times since I bought the Robomow last year. But they say they have no solution on my problem, and neither has Robomow. Before I deceided to buy the RS630 I asked the dealer how this would work with my neighbour's Husqvarna - the answear I got from dealer was that this would work fine with a distance of 30cm between the perimeter wires. Thefore I bought the Robomow.
    Now they want me to try attaching an resistance on the Husqvarna perimeter wire. I am afraid if this will cause any damage on the Husqvarnas base station.
    Very poor service from both dealer and Robomow.

  • Alright, giving that both systems (Automower and Robomow) work with indiction have you tired shielding the fields against each other (e.g. by tin foil, steel or lead) or raising the distance between the systems?

    Cheers and good night.

  • Hi,

    I have raised the distance between perimeter wires to 2meter, the mower then worked with just some small issues. I just got a mail from the dealer, saying that this is Husqvarnas full responsiblilty ( to strong and disturbing signals ), and telling me to contact Husqvarna. Some service from dealer :mad5:

  • I do not know if the Huqvarna 220 is capable to generate a new signal for it's perimeter wire
    (I don't think so).
    This I fear is only a thin straw solution to help you with your interference problem.

    If this didn't help you with your perimeter wire problem you should try to return your RS630.

    And as you have said, your dealer knows about the Husqvarna automower before you have bought
    the RS630, it is his fault and he has done a bad advisory service because he should know about
    any problems that may could occurrs...

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  • Well, one final (and rather laconic) remark from my side. I'd have a solution to your problem: If you want a working robotic mower sell the robomow and get yourself an Automower. Operating two mowers side by side is no issue and works just fine (unless two different PINs are used)...


  • Alternatively, shut down your Robomow System and ask your neighbor to mow booth properties with his Automower ... ! :thumbsup:



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  • Alternatively, shut down your Robomow System and ask your neighbor to mow booth properties with his Automower ... ! :thumbsup:

    Exactly my thought. Since you don't even have a fence that should be easy and cheaper for both of you, right? We do not know whats your relationship with your neighbor though.

    Th only other solution I have to suggest is that you coordinate your times and switch of the cable which is not in use at a given time. But that probably means the same level of good relationship...