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    [QUOTE = Dolly2000; 110926] Merci robojoy, vous pourriez avoir raison. Peut-être que je devrais échanger les quatre capteurs à l'intérieur d'elle et de voir si l'un d'eux est défectueux. [/ QUOTE]

    Hi !

    Did you find the issue ??

    Lets continue the testing part :

    - Mowing motors : Failed +0334 ==> I have a look to the blades when testing the mow motors, and I can see that the left blade is not turning at all.

    This is confirm by a table I found on :

    Mowing motors Left Motor current > 2A Left Motor is overloaded

    Not sure of what it means ( motor is dead ? motor is blocked ??) I will deal with it later, lets find out whats wrong with the wire sensor.

    I dont find on the same wiki the issue 8 ...

    - wire sensor tests ==> Failure : 8

    I have activated the Special Display and get to display the 4 wire sensor activity on the screen.

    When the signal is on, it seems that every sensors get the same signal, it detects when one of them is out, all out ... The sensors seems to me OK, but I'm no expert ...

    When the signal is off, all the sensors detect 0 signal but the rear lef one, which detect a signal about 10 on a max that seems to be 500 when signal is on.

    I have foiund the Robomower Service Guide for the RL1000 but I am unable to find the RL2000 ...

    Any help please ?

    Dear all,

    I'm afraid i dont speak that much german ... Es tut mir leid :) I am French, I am 35y old, and I like repairing things ...

    My familly have a Robomow RL2000 bought new in 2011. It has worked fine since last summer, and right now I'm trying to repair it, but I need your help.

    At first, the robot did not start at all, so I checked the AC adaptor, it was working well. Then I checked the battery, an it only deliver 6V...
    So I have bought a new battery, since then the robot is able to start.

    I also change the internal 9V battery.

    I have checked all the 3 fuses one near the battery, and 2 near the manual controller.

    I have made a Limitated Lawn perimeter of 3x3 meter with brand new wire to ensure wire issues, and this is the place where I do my tests...

    When I try to start the robot by pressing GO one or two times, it says "Check Signal" ... When I shut down the deck (and the signal btw) it says "No Signal". So it seems to me that there is a Signal...

    as proposed on internet I did the following safety check :
    - Set the signal Type to A, and placed the jumper ==> same issue "Check Signal"
    - Set the signal Type to B, and removed the jumper ==> same issue "Check Signal"
    - Change between the two wires ends that connected to the plot connector (the green connector that connected to the Base Station).

    None of the previous test changed my issues.

    So I wanted to have a look in the Service Menu, I look so long on internet to find the proper code and I did !!!!

    So I launched some tests in the service and I have 2 failures :

    - wire sensor tests ==> Failure : 8
    - Mowing motors : Failed +0334

    Unfortunately I did not find yet the manual with the meaning of the code.

    Could I have some help ? In english or french ? If its in german, I will try to translate throught Google translate but I may lost some accurate.

    Does anybody can give me the manual where I can find the meaning of the error code of the Service Menu ?

    Thanks a lot for your reading.


    Guillaume from France