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    My 2016 315 now runs with a new 3400 mAh battery. The Automower is now more quite.

    The original battery was 2 years old and my mow times dropped from 70 to 62. I now average 75 minutes with a high of 93 on hot days. And the drive wheels' sound is noticeably less.

    The non-Husky part number for this battery is

    CS HAT315VX

    NOTE: If you change the battery, be sure to hand-tighten the torx bolts. The battery is in the upright position.

    Could the contacts on the LS be bent inward do to overuse?  The fact that you manually can put the Roby in the LS to make contact suggests to me the contacts are the problem.  I suggest slightly bending the LS contacts out and applying di-electric grease to them to help the Roby slide in better.

    MowiBenni: If you install the brushes, be very careful about their installation. Look carefully at the install picture; there is a slot in the plastic fitting, but it is easy to mistakenly set the brush bracket on a ledge as seen from the top. (If you install on this small ledge, you will break the fitting when tightening the bolt.)

    While I have a 315, I've installed the terrain kit and connect modules. I find that when the terrain kit brushes are installed, they add more noise to the travel of the mower. I remove the brushes in the summer which reduces the noise and slightly improves my mowing time.

    I also cover the screw holes in the blade disk with aluminum tape. This also reduces the noise of the AM.

    I have determined that the AM identifies high growth areas in my complex garden. These areas are mowed more often than others. GPS just directs the AM more effectively and keeps it there until the area is properly mowed. The AM does not need help sometimes if remote areas are hard to find.

    I like your new design. You may want to end the SK further in the area. In my photo above, the AM searched for 14 minutes while it was mowing at the end of the area. The AM can find the SK easier now after I extended the SK.

    I started seeing this curved driving behavior after I installed a eSIM Connect Module. The AM is traveling to high growth areas in my complex lawn and I think it is using GPS to find the remote area.

    [QUOTE = Haiko1; 360873] Hello,

    our 315x sporadically passes on a nearly rectangular 500 square meters of lawn, the BK and transmitted "Outside the work area". Indicator light on the charging station is green, SK diagonally routed. Loop crossing is with 25cm on minimum, Eco on and Signal on maximum.

    Does anyone have any idea what else to check?

    Thanks & regards Haiko [/QUOTE]

    I discoverd this problem today with my 315. At first, like you, I was confused that this happened because of the AM has been running for several months.

    Then I discovered the problem. In one very small BK area, I had excess wire which I mistakenly coiled instead of folded. This created a small bypass area in the BK that the AM passed through.

    Good luck!

    I would like to comment on the Connect module. I find it incredibly convenient for a number of reasons. When a heavy rain storm arrives, I can park the AM without getting wet. If I'm watching a soccer game, and my wife wants to work in the garden, I can pause the mower from my chair. Lastly, changing mowing times, charging station search methods, and installation is very, very easy.

    In the case of the 315, you may find yourself guessing on cutting percentage as you assign remote areas and distance. GPS does this for you and so the AM spends its time more efficiently in your garden.

    Get the 315x for value and peace of mind.

    Here is a view of my complex garden:

    315 house_NEW2.jpg

    I did find the operators manual for the G1. Because of copywrite rules at this site, I can not post its content.

    First, the factory code is * 0000 #

    By default, the code has to be changed once a week, but you can change this to as long as 26 weeks. * 1 # 26 # * code #

    I did not see anywhere that the security code can be three numbers. As far as I can tell it has to be 4. So if you were given three numbers, for example 123, maybe you should enter * 1230 # or * 0123 #

    Sometimes installing and uninstalling the app works. If not, are there specific steps you took on the AM to initiate Bluetooth? If so, I would go through those steps again, even though your wife's mobile works. (Make sure the Bluetooth on your phone setup has approval for this connection.

    Good luck.

    My source does not have information for the G1 unfortunately. I thought he did.

    I did find information via translation at panne-tondeuse-g1-2002 / & prev = search

    To check the battery charge in the charging station press * 21 # ...... If charging is successful you should check it out every 10 seconds flash.

    Then take the AM out of the charger and place in lawn. Then press * 33 # The mower should start mowing.

    The code is intended to mow a secondary zone. You are testing if the AM works. To mow normally you simply raise and lower the rear door.

    The only other possibility is that the cutting motor is jammed. Check to make sure there is no debris blocking the turning of the disk.

    Good luck.

    What specific model do you have: 220, 230 acx, 260 etc? I can help you with specific functions.

    To investigate the PIN code hold down the 9 key for 5 seconds. You will see 5 letters. then call Husqvarna Tech. Support and give them the letter combination . They can give you the correct PIN combination.

    Then press the Arrow back button to exit this function.