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    In remote control I like the xiaomi's way much better. Ie. When using the remote controls, the vacuum is running all the time, and even if you let go of the "ball" the vacuum is still running until you exit out the remote contol.

    Maybe the the flolevac could be changed so that it would be possible to use both methods.

    It's nice that with flolevac you can also reverse, but you have to be carefull as there is no bumber sensor on the back. :)

    Keep up the good work, hopefully you got my small donation a couple of days ago.

    If the robot is started via flolevac, is the map of the cleaning still tansferred via wifi to xiaomi server? I'm guessing it is, as the summary of the cleanings is updated also in the mi home.


    As the update of yesterday was not connecting and before the fix was made I deleted all the info from the app and started again. Now import form xiomi does not work even with the newest fixed version. About half way though the import there is an unknown error displayed. Everything is still working with mio home.


    Danke für ein tolles software! Aber es gibt ein problem. Ich habe wie hier* gemacht, aber keine verbindung...
    Version ist 1.1410, ist das aktuell?

    Robo ip ist da automatish, aber ich habe es auch sicher machen.
    Galaxy s5 neo, android 6.0.1

    1. App installieren und öffnen, Hinweise lesen
    2. Robo zurücksetzen
    3. In der App auf weiter klicken, nun wird gesucht, verbunden und konfiguriert.
    4. Weiter anklicken sobald möglich
    5. Mihome App benutzen um den Robo mit dem WiFi zu verbinden. Davor keine Knöpfe am Roboter drücken, kein erneuerter Reset.
    6. IP des Roboters eintragen
    7. Fertig