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    OK - I have successfully followed the instructions listed here:…-manual-update-root-Howto

    Kudos to very clear instructions that a complete xiaomi newbie like me could follow w/out bricking the device.

    I now have root access to it, but it is still creating its own private WLAN. Is it now time to connect to it with the iOS app again and configure it for the local network?

    I'm being cautious since I don't want it updating itself and undoing all my work thus far.


    I just received my Gen2 Vacuum - and I'm not sure how to far to set it up prior to attempting to root it.

    So far I have done:

    1 - unboxed it and set it on the charger

    2 - loaded the Mi Home app onto my iPhone (I have an Android tablet if I need that instead)

    3 - Created a Mi account and have gotten to the point of setup where it now switches to the roborock-vacuum * network.

    Is this where I start following the "rooting" steps - or do I need to continue on first?