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    I fixed this by myself, It was black cable broken inside plastic cover /damage not visible/

    When I check with tool if cables are ok - it was not succesful, I have change cable and for couple of weeks was ok,

    today I have anothe issue with charging, now robot is moving to loading station, but again moves in and out,

    when I put manually ?with not full battery/, only green light appear on station and do not flash with red,

    robot is not loading,

    I`ve checked all cables responsible for charging - all are ok,

    I can load battery manualy (after removing from robot - using cables)

    What could be now - anywone has idea?




    I hope I can write in English,

    I have the same issue - battery is fine, loading station also ok, cables looks ok (not broken)

    ggerhard - can you tell me what have you done to fix this problem?

    was it mainboard damaged?

    thanks in advance


    P.S. - My Landlord is WG791E.1